When it seems impossile - how to get into fashion industry

by - January 11, 2011

Years ago all that fashion-fuzz seemed impossible to me but maybe these little instructions can help someone

1.Get a degree in fashion or a related field. If you want to get into the creative side of the fashion industry, you will need an education in design. Look for and apply to colleges that offer fashion majors. PS! Grades in schools are zero

2.Make contacts in the fashion field. It's true that the people you know can help you break into any given field. The same can be said for the fashion industry. The best way to make contacts is to call, email or meet people at fashion shows or other fashion-related events.

3.Get your foot in the door by getting a fashion internship. You can intern at fashion magazines or with fashion designers. An internship will get you valuable experience and help you make important contacts in the industry.
4.Apply for a job in the fashion industry. There are many different types of employment opportunities in the fashion industry such as modeling, designing, writing, public relations, publishing, among others.
It is all about connections and interning for free

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  1. Hästi huvitav et sa siin jagad nõuandeid kuidas jalga "moemaailma" vahele saada. Oletan, et sa siis arvad et sa oled moemaailmas sees?

  2. need on nõuanded ükskõik kellele kes tahaks asjaga tegeleda aga ei tea kust pihta hakata..ja ma ei arva et ma olen seees

  3. mis fashion-fuzzist sa siis räägid?

  4. ma googeldasin teemat et how to get into fashion enda jaoks. jagasin seda blogis. siiani ma olen saanud olla pigem eestis toimuvate sündmuste kõrval mitte sees.