A pair of dirty old sneakers

by - April 13, 2012

Most of the people hate my filthy sneakers, but I consider these worn out footwear as classics in my wardrobe. Plain white ones are pretty at the beginning.
I bought these as brand new from some second hand shop. SNeakers originally from NEXT. PS!They look much cleaner on the picture.
You want to know the reason why I constantly wear different headpieces?  I wash my hair once a week, so hats, ribbons, scarves are perfect to keep my hair looking good.

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  1. Nii kihvt ketsi leid!


  2. Miks sa oma juukseid vaid 1 kord nädalas pesed? Mingi kindlam põhjus või lihtsalt tahad neid nö tervena hoida? :D

  3. See pilt juustest on niiii kihvt !!!

  4. Tahan hoida juukseid terveid ja mitte keemiaga kurnata. Pluss pean iga 3-4 kuu tagant uue šampooni ostma:D

  5. valgeid ketse soovitan pesumasinas pesta valgendaja ja valge pesu pesupulbriga, soovitavalt pesukotis. on pärast seda nagu uued.