by - May 02, 2012

Has someone ever thought about vainity? What is it? Why? Doesn't it seem somehow ridiculous?  In Orthodox church, vanity is one of eight sinful and diabolical passions. In today modern psychology, vanity is seen as positive aspect of a person, indicative of self-confidence and self-esteem promotion. 

Facebook is like a huge peacockery center, sometimes it even gets hilarious, real life entertainment. People post about their achievements, food they eat, new shoes they have bought...Endless boasting. No one is poor,sad or unsuccessful.

Once in a while, I ask myself, why I have this blog? What's the purpose? And then again, why not? This is my little place to express the vanity I have.  

I am not saying that I hate vanity, but observing the situation on social networks..I found it sometimes ridiculous and at the same time hilarious. Although, I like to read personal and fashion blogs. You have your own spot to live yourself out.

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