Finally: some DIY

by - June 19, 2013

I bought this simple and nice Marks&Spencer blouse from trift store few months ago. It's size XXL and i just drowned in it. The material was so good, I just couldn't leave it hang there. And it was only a 1€ or so. Well. Decided to spice it up a little bit. This style is very trendy at the moment: cheap and chic result :)

And you don't have to sew the lines. Depends of the material though. My shirt is polyester, so I used a lighter instead :)

 Guess I know what im wearing tonight ;)

Oh. And some of us has noticed, that I have a new hair color. I just got very tired of ombre look.

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  1. Tõesti äge :). Tuleb katsukasse minna otsima pluusi nüüd :D.

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