Last Sunday

by - June 04, 2013

I had three very challenging courses this year. We had to design and sew a re-use bag, leather shoes and etno inspired garment. We had to photograph these items and think on the concept, stlystics and make a moodboard for the shoot.

For the bag, I used a dog model, instead of a human being. Obviously I was inspired by Wegman. Although I didn't managed to find a weimarer dog, but a day before the shoot, I visited dog exhibition. It was like under cover casting.

I connected the shoes and etno inspired dress.The overall mood is cold, stiff, confused. I was inspired by the industrial/soviet architecture which surrounds the studio. Thank you F-Hoone restaurant for the awesome chair!

A super awesome curly coated retriever modelled for my bag. Thank you Ossu for your patience! Such a brave and well trained dog you are.

 Lovely red haired Britta wearing my dress and shoes.
The 8-pointed stars run on the back.

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