Outfit inspiration - bold, black and heavy hard wear

by - September 11, 2013

These are the items I'm planning to wear tomorrow at Tallinn H&M opening. The plans could totally change - but at least I have some. You just got to have one! I'm a woman, I don't know what I want. Impulsive decisions are more my style. 

But let's get into the business. I purchased this belt from ZARA sale remainings last week. It caught my eye with the heavy hardware. It didn't had a price tag, I went to the cashier to ask for it(secretly thinking in my head: ''I don't actually need it, but if it costs under €10, I will buy it.''). And yup, €9.99 it was. Sold.

The shoes are another bargain. Summer sales are always the craziest - for €8 I took these killer babies home with me. I bought these from the Swedish fashion chain Lindex. These must be the sexiest and deadliest shoes I own. Lipstick is China Red by Make Up Store.

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  1. Need kingad on imelised! No way, et vaid 8€ eest! Ehk jõuan ka täna Lindexile pilgu peale visata :)