Tallinn Fashion Week 2013: First Day

The long waited TFW has finally arrived with all of its glory. First day was surprisingly amazing, so many gorgeous dresses accompanied by theatrical performances. This year, guest designers from St. Petersburg were also presented - Leonid Alexeev and Lilia Kisselenko.

My look for the day - wearing all vintage except the shoes from Kaubamaja. The bag is my recent purchase from Annimari Vintage - my favourite vintage shop in Tallinn. For 12€ it was fair deal - it's perfect to carry my must-have items - notebook, camera and wallet.

The coat is another great find for 1,5€. Love the minimalistic straight cut and the strong shoulders.

Some super sweet and awesome looking girls wanted to take a picture with us - just found it randomly browsing some blogs. Source!

 Aldo Järvsoo flaming red collection was breathtaking.
 Ketlin Bachmann's story about strong and independant women.
Official afterparty drinks! What would you like? Personally, I'm a Valentino type of a girl.


Kris V said…
Burberry. Kõik muud sisaldavad sidrunit :)
Anna Elisabeth said…
Sul on uute mantlite rohke kuu! ;)
Liina L said…
nii hea näed välja!
Getri said…
Mantlid on uus must. Minu jaoks :D TY
Juan Venegas said…
I am first time read about Tallinn-fashion-week and I like this collection but I am like allot New York fashion week infect I am purchase more apparel in New York fashion. Captain America Civil War Jacket
hairextensions said…
I'm sure tallinn fashion week was a fun week all things considered.

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