3 easy styling tricks to steal from the Fall 2014 catwalks

by - March 12, 2014

Turtleneck under a dress. This is just not a hot trend from the catwalk, but also a very practical one.  Choose a bit wider dress and a thin turtleneck. Seen at Louis Vuitton.

Vionnet turtleneck €260
River Island scuba dress  €75

A single earring. Go on and make a statement and be a bit rebel. Or wear a simple stud in second ear. Seen at Celine.

Erickson Beamon earrings(sold in a pair, still) €590

Socks and sandals trend seen at Hermes. Very Parisienne and Tres cool!

Black cashmere socks €53
River Island shoes €75

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  1. Allikas: http://fashionista.com/2014/03/9-styling-tricks-to-steal-from-the-fall-2014-runways/3/

  2. Ma kannan juba paar aastat ainult ühte kõrvarõngast, sest ma lsingi ainult ühe augu teha. Väga imelik oli kui mu ämm aastad hiljem avastas, et mul polegi kahte kõrvaauku :D

  3. Väga armas! Mulle on endale meeldinud mingi eluperiood olla ka selline pisut rohkem ''rebelim'' ja kanda ainult ühte kõrvarõngast. Aga lihtne ja äge trend lihtsalt :)