Sweet Life: iPhone update

by - July 01, 2014

Life has been busy, kind of wonderful, full of exciting activities and surprises. All this together keeps my spirit happy and satisfied, but at the same time always lusting for more.

 Everyday I find myself doing something that feeds my restless soul -  cooking something colorful and preparing  yummy smoothies, enjoying some great company, meeting new people(and little sweet kittens:), admiring breathtaking views and having a class of bubbly.

Here's a quick overview from the past few weeks of mine:

Having a colorful dinner at my parents house. What a pleasure :)
Everyday I start my day with a take away smoothie. Those smoothies accompanied
by adorable polka dot cups help me to get through my sleepy mornings.
Friends of mine are offering home to a cat mother of four. Aren't these little kittens
the cutest creatures ever?

My bag stucked with happy-colored grocery.
Another morning, another smoothie :)
A ferry, Kihnu and a bottle of Prosecco - Saturday.

Karl prepared us some yummy dinner and Grete does, what she does best - a foodzie!

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