Test drive: Canon 60D

by - July 23, 2014

For a while now, I have been honoured to test drive Canon EOS 60D. It's perfect for amateur like myself. I want to buy a new camera soon, my worn out Pentax needs replacement, and trying out different cameras is just perfection.

And some details I really love about the camera:

60D is a mid-range DSLR, excellent Picture quality, plastic body shell, lasting battery life, fully articulated 3.o* screen, live view.

I loved the high ISO performance and the camera itself is very fast. Can't forget to mention the HD videos. And my  favourite feature, fully-articulated screen is better than you would think. You are able  to flip the screen completely around to hide the LCD monitor and you can protect the screen when the camera is in your bag, car etc.

 The camera is a bit heavy for me, and doesn't fit in my handbags. So actually I'm thinking about getting something more compact - a hybrid! But more of that soon :).

Saying goodbye  to my new friend. And I LOVED the live view pictured here!
Painting in the background is Martin Saar.


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