Valhalla Factory: Home accessories for the daydreamers

by - July 11, 2014

I accidentally stumbled on something amazing. Valhalla Factory, is a brand focused on producing breathtaking home accessories. 

Designed side by side with nature. Founder of Valhalla Factory, a lifestyle photographer Terje Talpsepp's work goes hand in hand. The creation is based on  Terje´s work. The photos are inspired by morning walks, patterns of impressions collected from journeys around the world and from colourful dreams. Terje herself loves the Mediterranean accent of Scandinavian interior design, where the designed accessories fit perfectly.

Range of goods offers you wonderful candles, pillowcases,  hammock leaves etc.

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  1. Väga mõnusad pildid ning värvide ja mustrite mäng on ka omaette vaatamisväärsus. :)