SHOES: Do I really need you?

by - August 07, 2014

Actually I just went out to buy a few pairs of cute socks for a present. But as usually, something else caught my eye. As my fellow female sufferers probably understand, it is not easy to fight back. My heart says they are perfection, so comfortable, totally awesome, practical and good for everyday use. And then my common sense kicks in. You have enough shoes, you can't wear them during winter, they are too masculine.

Should I get these?
And once again,  I find myself asking, ,,Do I really need another pair?''

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  1. Kustkustkust on need kaunitarid pärit, kui raatsid avaldada? :)

  2. Good old H&M ja 29.95€. Olen siiani soetanud 3 paari jalatseid H&Mst, ning olen super rahule jäänud, siiani on täiesti terved ja väga mugavad.