Autumn vibes: the lines

Tallinn and Estonia hides more than you could think. The remains of Soviet Union has left many extreme real estate. One of them is definitely Kopli pensinsula and the ''lines'' there. 17 hectars of wooden slums, built for the labour workers in 1913.

I love places where I can sense history and architecture at the same time. So, yesterday we took some quick photos in the ''lines'' about in 5 minutes. It's quite frightening out there, some people even live there , although most of the buildings are abandoned.

Perfect tune, for this lazy-rainy day:

 TRIFTED jeans&bag, LINDEX blouse, MANGO SUIT blazer, H&M hat, necklace, boots.


This is stunning - I looove your suited look. xx

You look amazing dear! The top is perfect, and so in love with those boots. :)
katherine lou said…
Such a fab outfit! So chic and classic.

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