Something new, something old

When I saw these concrete barricades-spheres yesterday before movies(we went for Gone Girl, creepy as hell) I just had to take some photos with them, they go together with my monochrome outfit just perfectly.

As you have probably  noticed, I have two houndstooth coats. Although this one I bought from a flea market just for 3€. I really have a thing for this pattern, so chic and classic. 

This grey furry cardigan is another great 2€ find from  ta trift store.

TRIFTED coat&cardigan&bag, LINDEX T-shirt, BIK BOK pants, H&M shoes,


- Evamaria said…
Wooow! Ma olen alati su stiili imetlenud. See outfit on lihtne ja tabav ning pildid imeilusad. <3

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