The camel is out!

by - October 29, 2014

At least there is something positive about the upcoming winter - my perfect camel coat! 

 I bought it from my ''secret thrift store'' last year for 1,5€. Camel coats are a true classic piece and a must-have. It resembles very much to MaxMara camels- that's why I've fallen in love with this cheaper version so much.  I really do feel like a woman every time I put it on. Maybe because of the length?

On this peek-a-boo picture I'm wearing(don't worry,  you are going to see this coat more, planning to wear until it rips apart)
THRIFTED coat and bag, LINDEX scarf

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  1. oehh, ma otsin vist juba kolmandat hooaega üht ilusat igapäevasemat camel coat'i, loodetavasti nüüd lõpuks õnnestub leida. Sinu oma tahaks tõesti pisut rohkem näha ja see kott on ka väga super!

  2. Ilm oli tegelikult üsna pime juba ning head pilti oli keeruline saada. Ei hakka kehvade piltidega mantlid rikkuma :)