Cashmere sweaters & skirts: rainy day inspiration: Advanced style

by - November 06, 2014

Today is a typical grey autumn day of Estonia. I am wrapped with my fluffy sweater, it's pouring rain outside and it seems endless. Wonderful. But every detail usually has some positive impact. I just wanted to color up your day somehow, so I really-really recommend you to take a look at this documentary I'm about introduce you. These emotions and the passion! Overwhelming.

Im a huge fan of fashion related movies and documentaries.  So, trust me, this is not some boring mambo-jambo.

Advanced Style  documentary examines the lives of seven unique New Yorkers with eclectic personal style and vital spirit.  Suddenly you don't feel that aging is bad. This is seriously inspiring and I will assure, you will not dress in black after watching it!

,,I like to feel better dressed than others.''

,,Every decade makes me better.''

,,Too many people are so afraid and they want to do what everybody else do and  look like everybody else.''

So, what do you think ;) ? 

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