What can I say!? Time flies literally! I turned 26 last Friday, on the 2nd of December(Yes, same day as Britney Spears and back in elementary school all the girls were so jelly, haha!). I had a nice and quiet birthday this year, with matcha cocktails, fresh spring rolls and a vegan peanut-avocado cake. All prepared by myself of course.  Recently, I have learned to enjoy easy going evenings instead of crazy parties. It is a part of growing up I guess. But it's not bad, life is really getting better with every year!

But there are some things I have learned, and I want to share them with you. 

Happiness is everything
Say something nice everyone you talk to
You deserve the best!
Don't worry!
Appreciate what you have
Make going out from your comfort zone a habit
Things are not important
Thrift shops are cool!
Be adventerous
There are no mistakes, only lessons we need to master
Believe in yourself or nobody will
Karma is real
Eat your veggies!
Learn to love madly, but learn to let go
Travelling the world, instead of buying useless stuff
Don't compare yourself to others...
Don't think you are better than others
Respect people!
Be open minded
Invest in yourself
Take risks!
You are never too old
Learn to love yourself!


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