Where have I been?

by - April 27, 2013

Few weeks ago, I visited Crocs press morning. It was one of the nicest event I've had a chance to be part of. Refreshing smoothies, delicious food and lovely people to present the brand. Great way to start the day :). Also got to know a bit more of the  company and the material of Crocs. They really changed my opinion of the whole idea. In the end, all the journalists were gifted with a pair of their footwear. And here I am, a proud Crocs owner! The most comfortable pair of shoes I own now.

On Wednesday, Lilli Jahilo's sping-summer 2013 collection was presented in NORR11 showroom. The collection was clearly inspired ultra womenly  1940-50s clothing.

 And Lilli herself was looking fresh and beautiful, as usually!
 I had a Couleur Caramel black pencil in my goodie bag, looking forward to test it!The texture is nice and promising.

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  1. ei, crocs ei tohiks kingitustega blogijaid ära osta. ei crocsile!