Lipstick issue

by - September 25, 2013

For quite a while now, I rather wear lipstick than any kind of eye make-up. I'm a person who loves to sleep on my hands in the class and rub my eyes whenever I like.  That's why I wear a vibrant color lipstick, almost every time I have some special occasions.

I might be young, but for my age I have tried out tons of lipsticks, from crappy and cheap brands to luxury oriented brands.

I have discovered myself the wonderful MAC lipsticks, they are waxy and really long lasting.Which is super important for me.  You can eat, drink, party for hours, and it still looks good on you!

Pictured my MAC All Fired Up. The price is about 20€ and so worth it. Take it as an investment. And they have amazing color selection!

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