Shoe story - Maison Martin Margiela for less

by - September 10, 2013

And the shoe stories continue. I was stuck in the eBay shoe Narnia, trying to find the beloved pointed Chelsea boots for a more wallet friendly price, when I stumbled on these Maison Martin Margiela look-alikes. I have always loved these! But I wouldn't wear the cheaper ones -  I'd feel like cheating.

You can see and purchase the fake ones from here!

Originally they were priced around €800, but from eBay you can have them around €40.


Obviously, it's not difficult to spot the fake ones:

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  1. Ok, I listened to the Cameron Kippen on History of Footwear and really enjoyed what he had to say. Thank you for recommending. concrete work boots & flat feet shoes for training

  2. Well you have given a link to buy fakes but where is the links to originals? Anyway i really liked this article and thanks for your commendation on treadmill sneakers.