Beauty corner: Face mask time

by - November 04, 2013

Actually I'm not much of a girl, who pampers herself daily with different beauty products. I wash my hair with random shampoos, barely use make-up and try to keep it natural and clean looking. Daily I use natural oils to moisturize my skin, some sun powder on my cheeks, some scrub once a week and that's kind of it. And just can't forget bright lipsticks for public events! While in Riga, at Narciss show, they gave us Elier goodie bags.

That black face mask got my attention instantly! It's 100% natural product with no preservatives, made up of 90% of organic mud and 10% of minerals necessary for the body. And got to love the packaging of it. 

Thoughts: I wouldn't buy the product myself. They sell it for around 12€(yes, for that tiny amount ,15ml of face mask).  I'm much more happier with my tomato face mask/scrub, from the local marketplace. And only for 2€.

Elier face mask, BB cream and body cream

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