NEON: H&M Sportswear

by - July 25, 2014

I have always liked H&M sportswear, but never owned anything from the line. But  since yesterday, it changed. I saw these running shorts discounted from 17.95€ to 7€, I just couldn't leave them hanging. At first, I thought they would be ideal for working out outdoors, since the weather is crazy hot these days, but they look so good and eyecatching with some shoes and pretty necklaces:). This must be the most colorful item in my closet! Also, they are reversible, so if I get tired of the bright neon, I can wear  the black versioon.

The fact, that there's no big logos and the design is simple makes the whole  sportwear line very appealing to me.



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  1. Väga mõnus riietus ja see värvikombinatsioon näeb hea välja! :)

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