What I've been up to

by - September 05, 2014

I am kind of afraid about this upcoming year to be honest. Somehow I have to manage and keep balance with school, full-time work and personal life. It's exciting, but very frightening at the same time. I kind of regret that I did not took school seriously the previous years and now I have so much to catch up. Although it's quite typical of me, always on the last minute..

Meanwhile, you can see what I've been up to lately...
Healthy spring roll dinner with the boys. Everything so colorful and yummy.
Merike Estna in KUMU museum. How awesome was that.
I've switched uncomfortable shoes to Nike's. Everyday feels like heaven.
A bite of Ben&Jerry's never killed anyone.
Pre school dinner and idea generating for our final graduating project.
Nom-nommers dinner at Aed with Marian.
A new toy to play with. 600 Business Edition - haha :).

Floppy hat selfie.

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  1. Oi, kus kohast sa sellised ilusad Nike'd said? Mina leian ainult neoonvärvides või roosaseguseid spordijalanõusi :(

  2. love the polaroid camera! :D


  3. Kris, Ttossud on ikka Internetist tellitud, meil ju nii kehv värvivalik :