December wishlist

by - December 23, 2014

This is not your average dreaming-of December Christmas wishlist, but items I'm seriously really-really planning to get.

1. I've  dreamed of a chunky Calvin Klein watch for years now. Although, I don't consider myself as a watch person, but things could change. Simple, classic, minimalistic. Uhuhm.

2. Instead of playing Candy Crush on my spare time, I browse from my phone. I really-really like this mini croc-effect Diane von Furstenberg's bag model.

3. I'm in serious need of basic eyeshadow palette, this MAC Veluxe Pearlfushion seems quite perfect.

4. If you are a fan of Sex and the City, you problably are obsessed with  name necklaces. I was a little girl watching SATC, I promised myself, when I grow up, I will get one!

5.-6. I guess Chanel make-up does not need any explanation

7. CR Fashion Book subscription. IT'S Carine, no excuses needed aswell.

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  1. See kott on minu wishlistis ka! Ja mu nimekaelakee, mis pigem on lemmiklaulu-pealkirja-kaelakee on tõesti üks väga väga suur lemmik. Et siis go for it!
    Bowtie Diary